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We strive towards "BEAUTY "

for people worldwide

through leading innovation.


- SP Nam

Since its establishment in 1973, HyangNam has grown up to be a leading company in manufacturing beauty tools and accessories. The company was founded in Seoul, Korea, by my father, and it is now a family-run business for three generations. I currently work with my son and his wife. We have been carrying this special line of business for more than 42 years, building a good reputation amongst our partners. We truly appreciate our customers, who are the backbone of what we are today.


Today, HyangNam Beauty Group Co. Ltd employs more than 200 employees between the company’s ShenZhen office and manufacturing plants in ShenZhen, PanYu and YangJiang, China.


HYANGNAM (向南) means “Towards the South”; “Hyang (向)” means towards and “Nam (南)” means south. In Korea, people believe that if you stay facing the South, you receive a lot of sun. At HyangNam, we hope to provide beauty that shines like the sun to our customers around the world by delivering our products, helping them enjoy a beautiful and healthy life.


In order to provide the best, we have been focusing on “Quality” and “Innovation”. Powered by passion, our employees are all very proud of the high quality of our products. In 2016, we re-opened Seoul Development Office for collaboration with make-up artists and product designers. Equipped with 3D printing machines, we continuously work to develop innovations through new designs and functions to serve our customers better. 


I believe that make-up is not just to hide one’s flaws; it is the happiest and the most fun way to find out the hidden gem within oneself. We hope that our beauty items contribute to our customers’ lives, raising their confidence with a perfect look.


We look forward to continuing to serve our customers for future generations.

Thank you.



SP Nam

CEO of Hyangnam Beauty Group Ltd.

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